Our Founder

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William C. Harris
Chief Executive Officer

As an ordained minister of the gospel, W. C. Harris is passionate about improving the lives of people. He has always used communications media as a means of getting his message out. Due to his own personal experience as a paraplegic, he is an advocate for individuals with disabling conditions. Being keenly aware of attitudes, misunderstandings and behavior of discrimination by the general public, W. C. utilizes the power of media to encourage inclusion, to inspire diversity, to challenge the impossible, destroy the myths, lies and misconceptions about persons with disabilities.
“We give the public an insight and understanding of the power of God working through the human “Will” to overcome the unthinkable”.

In October 2009, W. C. Harris formed N’Spi’One Media Productions, Inc., a division of William C. Harris, Ministries, Inc., a non-profit, 501 (C) (3) organization. He serves as the host and oversees development, programming, production and editing of N’Spi’One TV broadcasts. Since 2009, N’Spi’One TV has aired 10 broadcasts with 80,000 cablecast viewers in the Metro Atlanta area.