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Min. WC Harris

Min. William C. Harris (WC)( paraplegic) gifted program creator and director. N’SpiOne Media Productions, is a service with programming that’s provided by Harris Biz Enterprises, LLC. 

The term “Differently-Able“ develop a belief that self-determination authenticates the true identity of a people which is the key to a new direction. This term deletes the inferior status then install a new position of integrity, honor and respect. The term “Differently Able” is a title of endearment that instills confidence where the term “disability” takes it away.

N’Spi’One was designed to bring inclusion through a bold new initiative which features icons who have successfully overcome their disability, and have transitioned into their ability.

Thus the phrase “Where Disability Ends & Ability Begins” was born.

Furthermore those who are labeled disabled now have options, despite the impairments. They may choose the tag  “Differently-Able” as a person of distinction, not just as a professional protocol but as a every day person.

This media motivate those that are “Differently Able” by showing them that they can…”all things are possible.”

This media open opportunities to educate the general public through interviews, feature stories and showcase talent of individuals who have experienced life altering impairments. Our endeavor is to effectively change minds, attitudes and decisions in how the “differently-able” community is treated in this country and abroad.


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